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Useful Websites
Victorian Road toll Statistics
Youth Statistics
Peer Pressure Kills
Young Drivers Plus No Seat Belts a Bad Mix
What you can do as a young driver

Safer Driving
Protecting your Young Driver

Youth in Cars

Arrive Alive
Vic Roads – Youth issues > Roadsafety > Safety for road users > Young Drivers > Issues and Inititives for Young Drivers
Young Driver Facts
RACQ – Study
Young drivers: The hard facts – These are UK statistics, but very interesting. You will need to specify that these are UK stats in your group research
Victoria Police – Young Drivers
Crashes involving Young Drivers
RACV – young drivers and crash involvement

Drink Driving

TAC Drink Driving > Campaigns > Drink Driving
Vic Roads Drink Driving
Arrive Alive GLS


Highway safety

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