Finish your weebly

Today lets make sure you’ve finished all your work this term- On your weebly you should have:

– A link to your glogster

– The answers to your questions on Web 2.0 tools

-Your work on image types.

– Your comic book

-Your Avatar images

If all this is complete please email me the link to your weebly.

Then i want you to create a storybird about respect – what is it, how do you show it, why do we show it? Link this to your weebly.



Glogster is a great way to create an online poster about a topic – you can include video and sound. Here’s and example:

Pick a topic and create a Glogster on it!

Go to this link to register

Use this group code: 58U6U9

Possible Topic idea’s – What is Respect? Life Cycle of the Frog! Moth Vs Butterfly! My Favourite Artist!

MCP ICT Web 2.0 Tools

Today you are going to create an online flyer on Web 2.0 tools – using   – Login and create your self and account

Then find out what a Web 2.0 Tool is – place an explanation on your flyer.

Then experiment with some of the different Web 2.0 Tools, you may have even used them before.

Place a link to your favourite tools on your flyer with an explanation of how and what you can use  them for.

Once your Smore is complete you need to place a link to  it on your weebly.



Create your own comic and post the link onto your weebly page –

Check out mine here.

Try these ones two:

Add your comics to your weebly – give your opinion on how easy the sites weres to use and which one you liked best and why.

If you have time try this house designer – but you’ll need to create yourself a free account, use you school email address.




How many different types of images can you think of?? What’s the difference between them? What do the file names mean???

Today you need to identify 5 different types of images. What are they called and for what purposes are they used?

On your Weebly set up a page that includes your explanations and an example of each image (note it’s file size).

We are going to experiment with the image below.

Right click and save this image.


Check out this Lego Avatar I made!

Today we’re going to try creating some Avatars. An Avatar is a character that we use to represent ourselves online. Try these sites below:

Try these, then try a google search and see if you can find any other sites to create Avatars – if you find a cool one post a comment with the link.